Mindful Monday Minute: Letting Go

With all the intense energy around us right now, there is no question we are in a transformational month. The effects of this current energy likely comes in signs of increased anxiety & emotions, irritability, frustration, impatience, lethargy, & forgetfulness. Our past may seem to reappear in order to forgive & make amends so we can... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday Minute-Trataka (Eye Gazing)

Trataka is a yogic technique from India, from the Kundalini tradition. Trataka or Eye Gazing is a method for developing concentration. If you are having trouble focusing, or feel too distracted, prolonged practice to trataka will help to concentrate your mind. Traditionally, trataka is believed to cure eye diseases, purify the nervous system, & to stimulate the... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday Minute: Mindful Appreciation

Can you say Thank You? It’s no secret practicing “presence” can improve our wellbeing. In fact, it’s scientifically proven. It's really simple to start, by recognizing & being grateful for positive things in  life all areas of our life will receive it's benefits. Gratitude increases emotional wellbeing, reduces stress, & improves your overall physical health. What would your life... Continue Reading →

The Power Of Words

Words can heal or hurt. Try this exercise: How relaxed or tense are you right now? Become as relaxed as you possibly can. Take 3 deep breaths & stretch. Allow your body to release any emotional, physical & neurological stress as you stretch. Now, gently roll your head around to loosen up the muscles in... Continue Reading →

Firm, Flawless & Fabulous!

Discover the Most Effective Secrets to Anti-Aging! Anti-Aging is possible when you use the power of your mind. Imagine what life might feel like when you hear people say, you look younger. You'd love to have more energy, wouldn't you? If you've noticed those signs of aging, feeling tired, feeling grumpy, to aging skin, then... Continue Reading →

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