Mindful Monday Minute: Self-Compassion


Today’s Mindful Minute is a very personal practice to me. As a Wiccan, I honor and work with the elements (earth, air, water, fire). I also work with the energies of the Moon. 🙂

Meditation is one of the core practices of Wicca. It establishes psychic safety, a
connection with the spirits of Earth, nature, and the cosmos. It also clears all negativity
from the mind.
Usually before this practice I would prepare my circle, however, you do not need to do this to connect with the elements. You may wish to say a prayer, chant or ask for protection and guidance before you begin. Whatever you choose is perfect for you!
The intention for this practice is to connect within and “hear” what your higher self, guides, angels and Higher Power want you to know. Listen and you will hear!
I like to journal my experience afterwards, this is your choice.
I hope you enjoy this week’s Monday Mindful Minute as much as I do!
May you be happy, May you be healthy, May you be filled with love and peace!
Love & light,

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