Mindful Monday Minute: Challenge Your Beliefs

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In our lives, over a period of time we develop many beliefs. Some serve us, most limit us.

Our beliefs shape our lives. We make decisions everyday, consciously and subconsciously. Decisions at home, at work, out in public, small, big, important, not so important, trivial, proactive and reactive decisions, we are making them all the time.

These decisions are based on choices we make. From the kind of food we want to eat to the clothes we wish to wear, music we want to listen to, programs we want to watch, places we want to go, goals we wish to pursue, goals we give up on, actions we plan to take, actions we will postpone, Choices, choices and more choices!

Image result for ‘An old belief is like an old shoe. We so value it’s comfort that we fail to notice the hole in it.’ ~ Robert Brault

Now these choices are based on how we feel in that moment, It could be a feeling of being happy, charged up, excited, maybe calm and inner peace or it could be something not so pleasant, like sadness, hurt, anger, guilt or shame. No matter the feeling, it has an impact on your choice.

Feelings are driven by our thoughts. You think a certain thought, positive or negative, inspiring or demotivating, bright, happy thoughts or thoughts of despair and fear and they in turn create the appropriate feeling within you.

Your thoughts are a result of your attitude in life. Your general outlook, your view of the world, how you approach each and everyday.

Beliefs are powerful. They are you and yet you may never recognize them! This week’s Mindful Monday Minute focuses on challenging one belief and recognizing the emotions, feelings within your body and memories it produces. This is a great way to become mindful of your thoughts while empowering you with the ability to shift and change that belief.

Love & light,


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